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Liam's Story is taken from the article 'The Miracle Man', Irish Examiner 'Feelgood' Supplement 26th November 2010


Early last year Liam Burke began suffering from severe migraines and, after six weeks of persistent pain, visited his doctor who sent him for an MRI.  Hours later, the Limerick man was transported by ambulance to Cork University Hospital - the scan had revealed a suspect tumour on his brain.


Although doctors believed that it was 99% likely to be benign, four days later the photo-journalist was told he had fallen into the unfortunate 1% bracket and was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma of the central nervous system.


"After undergoing an operation to remove the tumour in February 2009, I was given the devastating news that the cancer was malignant" he recalls. He was given months to live.

"I sank into a severe depression which I know really affected everyone around me.  So after a few days, I decided to pull myself together and reasoned that only God could decide how long I had to live".


With this new-found positive attitude Liam began to focus on using his faith to help him cope with this serious illness.


"I have never been a huge mass-goer but I have always had great faith" he says "So I turned my back on despair and concentrated on praying for a more optimistic future".  With this new-found positive attitude Liam began to focus on using his faith to help him cope with this serious illness.


" I began a 19 week programme of chemo and radiation therapy in a bid to eradicate the disease called the DeAngeles Protocol".

Weekly sessions alternated between chemotherapy, lumbar punctures and radiotherapy.  Although gruelling, Liam persevered in the hope that a cure would be found.  But more bad news lay ahead.

"After eight weeks of treatment, more lymphoma was found in my spinal fluid and my oncologist said it would be advisable to stop all treatment and suggested palliative care for the time I had left.  It was a terrible time for me, my partner Pauline and my children Sam (21) and Liz (18).


But the 54 year old has defied medical logic by apparently conquering the disease and almost two years after his initial diagnosis is looking forward to the future.


Prior to starting treatment he was given a book about Joao de Deus.  "I had seen a documentary a few years ago about Joao, who is commonly referred to as 'John of God' says Liam "But I forgot about him until the moment the book was put into my hands.  As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to go and see him - I didn't know what I would achieve, but it was vital that I got to Brazil."

Using a combination of savings and financial help from family, Liam and Pauline made a two-week trip to Abadiania in July 2009 during a break from his chemotherapy.


"I had no expectation of being cured, but I was convinced that this would be a life changing experience and I prayed that I would be worthy of being allowed some more time with my family."

When Liam arrived at the Casa he found hundreds of other pilgrims hoping to change their fate.  "There were loads of people waiting to see Joao and when I reached the top of the queue, he could see I was ill and told his interpreter to tell me to come back later and to join the queue for healing.  So I queued up from 2pm until 4pm and after a couple of seconds in front of him he wrote a prescription for passion flower herbs on a piece of paper and told me to go and rest for 24 hours.  But I was taking eight steroids a day and was getting by on two hours sleep, I didn't imagine I would get much rest - but as soon as my head touched the pillow I fell into a deep sleep for 22 hours."


During the rest of his stay he spent the time resting and reading with Pauline as his companion.


Liam decided to show some photos of sick relatives and friends.  "I queued up to see him again and out of respect I knelt down on one knee, however due to the weakness in my legs I couldn't get up again and this was when Medium Joao put out his hand and helped me to my feet saying 'I am taking care of you, you will get better'.  At this point I burst into tears and felt that a miracle had just happened."


Liam finished his treatment in September 2009 and three days later felt so well that he flew to Sudan to do some volunteer work for Concern. "I couldn't believe how good I was feeling, although I had lost a lot of weight and muscle over the year I was now 100% healthy and ready to go back to my normal life."


His friends and family whose photo he showed a big improvement in their health.


Considering his doctors had given Liam months to live on two occasions and prescribed palliative care, were they also convinced by this apparently miraculous cure?  "My oncologist has a policy of being totally honest, whether you are capable of dealing with it or not," says Liam "He believes I am in remission and has said to Pauline that I am in denial of the severity of my illness.  But I don't mind if people are critical of my faith, I did what was right for me and I am now relishing my life and enjoying every day I have - whether its six months, six years or 20 years - at the end of the day, God is the one who will decide."


In January 2011 Liam will feature on the series "Would You Believe" on Irish TV network RTE



December 10, 2010


To all believers and non-believers:


My name as is William E. Bankert PhD, otherwise known as Bill.  I have in my life had several occupations.  I have been a mechanical technician, a mechanical engineer, a police officer, a police sergeant (an investigations division supervisor/homicide investigator), and an entrepreneur.  I have founded and built three very successful companies (Record Retention, AEGIS STAR, and ZANTAZ).  I mention this only to establish that I am not prone to what I refer to as the WOO/WOO effect.   I believe in what I can experience, see, touch, hear, etc.


Because of my employment at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, in Livermore, California years ago, I was exposed to several chemicals and elements that caused significant medical issues.  I have undergone numerous surgeries.  They included removal of 1/3 of my intestines, hernia surgeries, a colostomy, a urostomy, a fistula removal, five stents in my heart, and a shunt in my brain that drains into my intestine. 


Additionally, I was required to take several prescription medications that had serious side effects.  Even with, and sometimes because of, these treatments I was still suffering from poor short-term memory issues, and mental processing problems.  Of all of the medical issues I have experienced, the symptoms that were the most annoying was my loss of short-term memory.  I have been treated by some of the best doctors in the Nation (America).  I was on oxygen 24 hrs. a day and pain medication.  I was able to get off the oxygen and pain medication when my daughter sent my picture to John Of God with a friend of hers. 

However, I still required a walking-stick to assist me in walking, and my memory and mental processing were still significantly less what I hoped for.


A few months ago we travelled to Brazil to see John Of God.  My hope was that he could do what the doctors had not been able to do.  I was not disappointed!  While I still have some minor issues, the changes that occurred after seeing John Of God were nothing short of amazing.  I now walk without the need of my stick (cane), my short-term memory is better. The feeling has returned in my legs and feet, and I can actually move my toes.  Additionally, my mental processing improved in a similar fashion as my short-term memory.  We will most likely return for continued healing regarding these issues.


Certainly there will always be people who will choose not to believe such a story.  There are also people who cannot accept that such a thing is possible.  However, I can tell you, without reservation, John Of God is exactly what he claims to be.  If anyone believes it is some type of scam, let me tell you something, as a retired Police Sergeant (fraud investigator), this would be a very stupid fraud, since John Of God does not take any payment for his services, it's FREE!


If you are in need of this type of help, I strongly suggest that you look into the possibility of seeing "John Of God"

Very Sincerely,
William E. Bankert PhD  (Bill)

VISITING THE  CASA BY CATHY FINNERTY FROM HARROGATE Article published by the Harrogate Spiritual Healing Church on their website

In March I was fortunate enough to make an amazing journey to central Brazil to stay in the Village of Abadiania where a wonderful healer by the name of Joao Teixeria da Faria, known as John of God has his healing sanctuary. He has been healing for over 45 years and is unlike any other healer I have ever seen.

I had seen the trips advertised in the Psychic News and when I became connected to the internet last Autumn it was the first web site I looked at. As soon as i saw it I felt immediately that I was going to go. I contacted Phyllis Bennett, a medium and guide to John of God, for more details and before I knew it everything fell into place and I was booked to go! by happy ' coincidence' a friend of mine from the Church, Evroula whom i had not seen for months called in January and she was also booked on the same trip! we were obviously meant to go together.

We started our journey at Leeds railway station for the long trip ahead. As soon as the train set of I could feel my energies change, it was most odd. I felt a tremendous surge of healing energy that built up and grew, by the time we got to Heathrow I just about knocked Evroula off her chair when I touched her back! we met up with some of the others in our group in the departure lounge and Stephen, Phyllis's partner who was going to guide us for the long and at times chaotic journey there.

I had no idea what to expect. We were met at Brasilia airport by our guide, Phyllis and a BBC 2 documentary crew. The BBC are making a making a series of programmes about healers and had decided to visit John of God. They wanted to film a group of English people on a visit and had chosen ours. Our group then travelled by mini bus to the village of Abadiania which is about one and a half hour away. The village itself has a shanty town look about it; simple dwellings with tin roofs and red dusty roads. Although there are cars, people still use donkeys, and carts and horses to get around.

Our hotel, happily was reasonably good. I had been warned not to expect Western style accommodation so was pleasantly surprised to find my room clean and comfortable with basic furnishings and plumbing that had a bit of a trick to it but perfectly adequate. Meals were included and buffet style ~ very wholesome with lots of rice, beans, veggies. fresh fruits and meat for the non vegetarians.

The Casa de Dom Inacio, as the healing sanctuary is called, was located about a hundred yards from our hotel. John of God is there Wednesday Thursday and Friday of every week, although the main hall and surrounding beautiful gardens are open every day. The correct dress code for Casa days is white, and I must say a very impressive sight to see everyone walking down the road in white at 8 in the morning when proceedings start.

On our first day at the Casa, the proceedings began in the main hall. Prayers are said and as i sat there I recall feeling an intense warm energy entering through my chest. We then had to get into line to go before John of God. There is a process for this, and this is why it is a good idea at least on your first visit to Brazil to be with a guide as it would seem rather confusing otherwise. If you have never seen John of God before, you go into what is called ""first time line"~ you only are "first time " once even if you make many subsequent visits. If you have a physical problem you want healing for, you present the question on your first encounter. John of God works in what is called "entity" ie he is in trance. Many very high entities work through him and thus administer the healing. In my case I had gone seeking rest and relaxation, but almost as an after thought I remembered I have had a bad back for almost 20 years ! so, I was instructed that I had needed to ask for the physical first. Of course many people go there with serious conditions such as cancer that modern medicine has not been able to cure.

I had got used to having my bad back so it wasn't uppermost in my mind. Duly I went before John of God, and was told I needed and was told I needed an operation and was to return that afternoon,  there are two types of operation ~ visible and invisible and you have the option to choose visible if you wish. Being a complete visible coward I opted for invisible surgery! And so do most people, visible surgery is performed in the main hall on stage and I will describe that later.

On arrival for my surgery I was instructed to sit a room and close my eyes. presently I heard a voice talking in Brazilian so I don't know what was said, I can only describe that I fell into something like a deep meditative state almost instantly; I lost my sense of time and at some point felt that something in the middle of the right side of my back was cut, there was no pain, but it felt as if a tight spring running from my shoulder down to my lower back had been released. After a while I was told to open my eyes and leave the room. I felt very unsteady on my feet and very drowsy as I staggered out with the others into the sunlight.

We were then given instructions as to what we were to do. We had to stay in our rooms for 24 hours after surgery and rest , take the herbs that had been prescribed and drink only water that had been blessed . Our meals for the next 24 hours would be brought to us . The reason for this "quarantine" is that the psychic centres are wide open after surgery and that the entities continue to work on you. They continue to work on you for 40 days, but the first 24 hours is, in my experience the most powerful. Later in the evening after my surgery, I could feel things twanging and releasing in my back. It also felt as if I had just had a good session with a physio with a general ach all over. The energies and the atmosphere of Abadiania are like nothing I have ever experienced. I didn't feel like I was in central Brazil; it was more like being in another dimension.

Apparently, John of God was instructed to build the Casa there because the Village lies on a special crystal rock and it is also quite high above sea level. As my stay progressed I felt more and more relaxed. I slept like a top and at times felt almost amnesic forgetting forgetting words for everyday things and my "real life" in England seemed like a distant dream! Perhaps this state was part of the healing process, I don't know. The days passed quickly although we never left the village. We met lots of lovely people, made new friends and spent lots of time talking and drinking the fabulous juices from the village juice bar.

On Casa days we also sat in 'current' this is where you sit in medative state for several hours at a time in the large inner sanctum where John of God does his healing work. The purpose of sitting in 'current' is two fold. On one hand you are continuing to receive healing and on the other you are helping to generate the energy for the entities to work. After being in current for several hours my head was swimming and body swaying with the energies as I tried to get to my feet again!

It was told to me that John of God came from a very poor Brazilian family and is illiterate. At the age of 16 he went to a village hungry and looking for work and fell asleep. When he awoke he had a large crowd around him and had healed 300 people yet had no memory of it. This was when his healing began. At a later stage he was given a worthless piece of land but after he got it Emeralds appeared, with this he funded the building of the Casa. There is absolutely no charge for healing, just a small amount to pay for the herbs prescribed. Poor Brazilians are given herbs free of charge. I witnessed him perform visible surgery on stage and as a registered nurse for over 30 years I have to say it defies anything i know in terms of how we work in 'modern medicine' Incisions are made without pain or bleeding. Sensitive areas like the eye are scraped with a knife and I saw a long pair of forceps pushed straight up someone's nose! The forceps were twisted quite roughly and he pulled out a large lump of tissue ( and i don't mean Kleenex ) All this with no pain or distress, I was told patients receive a spiritual anaesthetic and indeed, although totally alert when they stepped onto the stage they were suddenly rendered sedated. A crude and thick single stitch is used to close wounds which heal within a few days. He never wears gloves and these operations aren't sterile yet not one single case of infection has ever been recorded.

He has been well studied by traditional doctors over the years and they can see as I did that it is not trickery. An American lady at our hotel had visible surgery on her abdomen, She told us that although she could feel what was going on she felt no pain and her wound had healed within 24 hours. One young man in our group was on his second visit. He had come for healing one year before, he had bowel cancer which had spread to his lungs. He had received what medicine had to offer in terms of surgery and chemo etc, but the outlook was not that promising. One year after healing, all his scans were clear so he had returned for a "top up" and brought his brother with him. He told me he had no religious beliefs or spiritual leanings yet the healing had worked for him.

Not everyone can be healed. One lady in our group, looked frankly close to death on arrival, she was given intensive healing for a week and was told to return home, I heard she died a couple of weeks later. Josh and Danny from the film crew followed her case quite closely and actually gave her a lot of assistance during her stay. She had really been too ill and her illness too advanced to make the trip. To my surprise when I went before John of God for" revision" of my surgery a week later I was told to have a second operation. Struth! and I thought i was pretty fit. Phyllis, our guide also said it was unusual but duly I returned for surgery a second time. My experience was slightly different, I wasn't sure what was being operated on this time, I think it was something more subtle that was being adjusted, I slept for almost 24 hours afterwards. Evroula my friend and travelling companion also works at the hospital where I work, from time to time we would look at each other and say .......... people at work will think we are barking when we go back and tell them we spent two weeks in Brazil laying about sleeping after psychic surgery.......... yes but we will never adequately describe the wonderful experiences we have had I thought.

The night before i was due to leave Abadiania, for the first time since I arrived I could not sleep. As I stood on my balcony watching some long nosed nocturnal creature shuffling about the garden below I saw something else, a large clear crystal that was hanging in the garden below seemed to ignite and became a glowing blue light I stood mesmerized for ages and I realized that my restlessness that night was due to my energies somehow having to shift or change to get me back into the outside world.

For me Abadiania is the closest you can get to the other side whilst still alive! This has been just a brief description of some of my experiences. Other people have described it much better. There are two books I know of written in the English language about John of God. 'The Miracle Man' by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich ISBN 064633767X 'The Book of Miracles' by Josie Raven Wing ISBN 0-7596-8982-2     Also Phyllis's website is                 Cathy Finnerty


Article published by the Friends Of The Casa in their newsletter March 2005 )

I got a message from my dad (who passed to the higher life in 1977) on Sunday 20th June 2004 at dinnertime to "go to Brazil", my dad is my spirit guide. So I got on the phone to Eric Amey who then booked my flight for the very next day to fly out of Heathrow at 10pm with Varig Airlines, he also booked my accommodation in Abadiânia in Central Brazil and the taxi from Brasilia to Abadiânia. Of course Abadiânia is where the Casa De Dom Inácio is situated from where "John of God" operates his healing abilities.

I saw my supervisor on the Monday morning and told him I needed to go to Brazil and he was very understanding and let me have the time off work straight away, so I finished work at 1pm and by 10pm that night I was on the plane with Eric and Steve (Phyllis Bennett's partner) bound for Brazil. After getting an internal flight from Sao Paulo to Brasilia which took 5 hours and many stops (a direct internal flight takes just 90 minutes) and then a further 90 minutes in a taxi I arrived in Abadiânia on Tuesday afternoon. I met up with Phyllis, my Guide to the Casa, Eric and Steve in time for the evening meal.

We arrived at the Casa nice and fresh for the 8.00am session on the Wednesday morning (23rd June 2004) with a photo of someone, and on seeing João (John of God) he told me to tell them to "stop drinking" and prescribed herbs for 40 days, the cost was 50 Brazilian Reals (R$) approximately £25. I will tell you the rules behind the herbs later.

After seeing João we went into the third room which is the intensive operations room, I was there to have a 'proxy operation' for my friend, we stayed there for 10 minutes with our eyes closed, said a short prayer and asked for any healing that we wanted. João walked into the room and said a few words in Brazilian Portuguese which translated to " Jesus please heal these people", João left the room and one of the English speaking Children of the House said "you can open your eyes and leave now. We all had Blessed Vegetable Soup provided free of charge, the taking of this soup is believed to help the healing process, it is always offered and should always be taken.

I went back before 2pm for the afternoon session, this time it was for my own healing, I went with my Guide Phyllis Bennett. I spoke to a translator named Arturo who had worked in Australia and had good English, I told him what healing I would like done to my eyes because I am long sighted and it was getting worse. I also asked for help with the eczema on my chest and back, I can't remember what else I asked for. Anyway 2 o'clock approached and João arrived for the afternoon session as we were all dressed in white which is one of the unwritten rules of the Casa, it is a display of respect for the work done there.

I did look cute, we all went into the Casa, said prayers, João gave his speech and we all lined up for visible (physical) and invisible (psychic) operations, 1st and 2nd time lines and Revisions. You only have a visible operation if you put your hand up and are aged between 18 and 53 years. I had had three invisible operations before (2 from April 2004) and one proxy for my friend in the morning so this one was for me and there was no way that I was going to volunteer for a visible operation. I was in the 2nd time line for an invisible operation along with dozens of other people. João was sitting in his chair seeing everyone, he was in 'Entity' and was in a good mood so he decided to apply the personal touch.

The line of people had just entered the first current room when João got out of his chair and walked down the line, he approached an elderly gentleman and just lightly scrapped over the man's right eye with scissors for a few seconds and the job was done. I never found out what the operation was for but the whole procedure was completed without anaesthetic but the man never moved an inch. We were all amazed and couldn't believe it, one of the children of the house brought the man a wheelchair which he sat in and was taken to the Recovery Room. João then moved down the line to a younger man who was about 28 years old, João looked at the man upon which the young man burst into tears and ran to the end of the room, João did not pursue him.

João just walked past Phyllis and myself as if he was looking for someone in particular, there were about 4 or so people behind me. He stopped at a young lady and then moved forward again stopping at me, he looked me straight in the eyes as if he was looking into my head, I stood firm and never moved, I looked João in the eyes. He took hold of my right hand but I was not afraid and I followed him, like a child follows a schoolteacher, as he led me to the side of his chair. He touched me on the forehead and as I closed my eyes I could feel him rub my chest and back, I thought he was sorting out my eczema but Phyllis told me afterwards that the forehead and chest is receptive to spirit anaesthetic.

The next thing I remember was João inserting something up my right nostril. Phyllis had a ringside seat, she was wincing as she told me later "João was going up your right nostril with a pair of 6" (yes 6 inch) scissors and turning them as he went higher and higher". I could feel I was resisting and fighting this as he put his hand on the back of my scull, near the top to steady my head, yes, he had gone into my brain.

I was then told by one of the English speaking children of the house "let it out, let it out", I breathed out twice through my nose and felt a massive pressure release, then João began to bring the scissors slowly and gently down my nose. I did not feel any pain at all during the operation and there was no bleeding, the operation took less than 5 minutes from start to finish. I remember saying "thank you" as I was placed into a wheelchair and taken to the Recovery Room for 2 hours. In the Recovery Room I laid on a bed with white sheets on it and a lady attendant placed a piece of cloth which was wet with Holy Water on the bridge of my nose. I was told to rest, not to talk, close my eyes and try to sleep whilst the Entities were working on me. Phyllis came into the Recovery Room and told me that I had had a very serious operation and not to talk, the operation must have been at 3.20pm because as we got into the taxi back to my hotel the time was 5.25pm.

Phyllis came back with me and as I was lying on my bed resting I talked to Phyllis who explained to me that the operation was very serious and what João had seen was something that was going to materialise in 3, 6 or 12 months time so he had taken it away. She did not know if it was a stroke, tumour or what? but it was in the head, Entity never said. As we were talking about another situation the light bulb flickered on and off, Phyllis said "Entities are agreeing with you John, you have done all you can. The Entities were working on me all night, at 11 o'clock the next morning Blessed Soup was brought to the hotel for me. Apart from the toilet, shower or eating food I couldn't leave my room for 24 hours or talk to anyone. I couldn't go back into the Casa until Friday afternoon, although he never did see my note asking for healing on my eyes, João (John of God) worked on my eyes as well, they were bloodshot for two weeks after the operation. I went back to the Casa dispensary on the Friday morning to pick up my herbs and into the Casa itself on Friday afternoon with a photo of my twin sister and brother-in-law.

The rules behind the herbs are for 1st time line, no pork, no spices, no alcohol and no sex for 40 days because if you do everything that João has done is reversed and could revert to how you were before the operation. It is easier on the 2nd time line though, the same rules apply but only for 8 days. The reasoning is that each of these pleasures limits and interferes with the healing process, the herbs prescribed are Passiflora which is a widely available herb in the United Kingdom but they are reinforced by being blessed in the Casa. This was my second time which meant that I only had to abstain for 8 days which pleased me. Eight days after the operation at 10pm you wear white clothing for sleeping in and ask the Entities to remove the internal stitches, it has been reported that if you have an X-Ray at a later date you can see where the stitches have been removed.

I did tell my doctor back home a few weeks later and asked for a scan but he didn't believe me. I am sure that I have got physical proof because after a few weeks of coming home to England I felt an indentation at the back of my scull, it was exactly where João put the palm of his hand to steady my head.

When you leave Abadiânia you bring a little of it back with you, it is in your heart forever. The strongest thing is that on the 25th August 2004 I received a letter from Phyllis Bennett, my Guide to the Casa, with a photograph of myself with João (John of God) taken by a young man with a digital camera on the Friday (25th June 2004) night of the party to celebrate João's birthday on the previous day. I was with Eric Amey and João was coming down the path in the garden towards the lookout platform, I went to shake his hand. We shook hands then he put his arms around me and I did the same, I was so excited to see him for what he had done for me, I was totally in awe of this great man, the photo tells the story. (João's birthday 24th June 2004 aged 62 years)

John Rowe with Joao at June 2004 birthday party       John Rowe